Bennett Valley Telecom

Bennett Valley Telecom
Brian Brown, Bennett Valley Telecom

Brian Brown

As I provide internet service to patrons and vendors here at the fisherman's festival, I thought I would settle down on one of these nice bales of hay and have some hot soup 🤣

Pre- WW3 shopping trip ✅. All gas tanks filled✅. Absolutely amazed to see how oblivious people are right now to whats happening. Just wait until the COVD era TP run starts again. 🤣🤣🤣

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Bennett Valley Telecom


  • Assistance in setting up home internet including Comcast, AT&T, Sonic, CDS Wireless, MoTech Internet, and Starlink.
  • Assistance with home internet appliances such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon fire TV stick.
  • Home and business wireless networks including Ubiquiti, Netgear, Eero, Google Nest, and TP-Link.
  • Home surveillance cameras including assistance with installation of the Ring system.



  • Office technology assistance.
  • Managed wireless mesh systems.
  • Business Phone Systems (On-site, partially cloud hosted, fully cloud hosted).
  • Desktop computer support.
  • Network assistance.
  • Printer support.
  • Internal and cloud based document storage support.
  • Point of sale support through the system.
  • IT room cleanup and organization.
  • Server racks and cable management.
  • Server room documentation.
  • Ring Central support including mobile phone support.
  • Surveillance Cameras.
  • Guest Hotspots.



You are able to link your current phone number to our VastraMEDIA Community telephone system. Once you do you are given a 4-digit extension number. You may purchase our incredible, multimedia phones, download and install a free smartphone app, and/or install a free desktop computer “soft-phone” app. You may use any combination of these either together or individually.

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Types of businesses that enjoy the community intercom:

Able Computer Consulting VastraMEDIA Extension 1025

Michael Rosetti of RIA Insurance VastraMEDIA Extension 1015

Los Tres Chiles Restaurant VastraMEDIA Extension 1020

Seamus Wines Tasting Room VastraMEDIA Extension 1111

Sea Ranch Lodge VastraMEDIA Extension 1040

Brian Brown / Bennett Valley Telecom VastraMEDIA Extension 1007





Your VastraMEDIA

A local based, community telephone system for Business-to-Business collaboration, meetings, and relationship building.