Your Community Telephone System

Telephone Service that is Both Productive and Fun

The Basics
Move your phone number to us! Or we can set you up with one of our phone numbers in just minutes!  We offer telephone service with voicemail. You may wish to purchase our VastraMEDIA server and have us install it at your location or you may prefer we host it at our local VastraMEDIA Community Server  located near Montgomery Village.
We see this as more than telephone service. It is a digital chamber of commerce. It allows those who subscribe to our service to quickly collaborate using voice, video, and conferencing with others who are on the VastraMEDIA network. It is the ultimate person to person communication system that provides a high level of productivity.  Yet all of this for a much lower price than our gigantic national competitors. This is a Wine Country kind of thing.

As you join our community we will be adding useful features while maintaining our popular pricing structure.

Fun and Productive
Open Town Square phone chat: The VastraMEDIA system provides our community with a members-only  ‘Open Town Square’ conference bridge.  The Open Town Square goes live on specific days and times throughout the week. Here’s what it is. When  Open Town Square goes live, any VastraMedia community member simply dials 1999 and you’re in!  Also, if you have purchased one of our phones, we can assist you in setting up your own speed/BLF buttons of which could include the Open Town Square. When it becomes active with members you will see it light up. Just push the button and join in!

When you subscribe to the VastraMEDIA community, you may optionally add a Personal Conference Bridge feature. You simply assign it a PIN number and you are ready to go. You can invite community members as well as transferring an outside caller into YOUR personal conference bridge.  This works well for impromptu meetings without clicking or tapping on cumbersome links in email. Just give out your telephone number, answer the call, and transfer them into your personal bridge.

Messages and telephone call info
Your voicemail box can send you an email that notifies you of new messages. What’s more? In that email message  is an attached audio file with caller information, time, date, and duration of the message. Or you may press the envelop button on your VastraMEDIA enabled cell phone app, your VastraMEDIA enabled cordless phone, or your VastraMEDIA enabled desk phone.
Also each member has access to a simple web-based portal that provides access to voice mail and call history as well.



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